Source code for boofuzz.fuzz_logger_csv

from __future__ import print_function

import csv
import datetime
import sys

from . import helpers, ifuzz_logger_backend

def hex_to_hexstr(input_bytes):
    Render input_bytes as ASCII-encoded hex bytes, followed by a best effort
    utf-8 rendering.

    :param input_bytes: Arbitrary bytes.

    :return: Printable string.
    return helpers.hex_str(input_bytes)

DEFAULT_HEX_TO_STR = hex_to_hexstr

def get_time_stamp():
    s = datetime.datetime.utcnow().isoformat()
    return s

[docs]class FuzzLoggerCsv(ifuzz_logger_backend.IFuzzLoggerBackend): """ This class formats FuzzLogger data for pcap file. It can be configured to output to a named file. """ def __init__(self, file_handle=sys.stdout, bytes_to_str=DEFAULT_HEX_TO_STR): """ Args: file_handle (io.BinaryIO): Open file handle for logging. Defaults to sys.stdout. bytes_to_str (function): Function that converts sent/received bytes data to string for logging. """ self._file_handle = file_handle self._format_raw_bytes = bytes_to_str self._csv_handle = csv.writer(self._file_handle)
[docs] def open_test_step(self, description): self._print_log_msg(["open step", "", "", description])
[docs] def log_check(self, description): self._print_log_msg(["check", "", "", description])
[docs] def log_error(self, description): self._print_log_msg(["error", "", "", description])
[docs] def log_recv(self, data): self._print_log_msg(["recv", len(data), self._format_raw_bytes(data), repr(data)])
[docs] def log_send(self, data): self._print_log_msg(["send", len(data), self._format_raw_bytes(data), repr(data)])
[docs] def log_info(self, description): self._print_log_msg(["info", "", "", description])
[docs] def open_test_case(self, test_case_id, name, index, *args, **kwargs): self._print_log_msg(["open test case", "", "", "Test case " + str(test_case_id)])
[docs] def log_fail(self, description=""): self._print_log_msg(["fail", "", "", description])
[docs] def log_pass(self, description=""): self._print_log_msg(["pass", "", "", description])
[docs] def close_test_case(self): pass
[docs] def close_test(self): pass
def _print_log_msg(self, msg): time_stamp = get_time_stamp() self._csv_handle.writerow([time_stamp] + msg)